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Access Master Page Controls from Content Page?

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How do we access Master Page Controls from Content Pages?

Answer 1)

We can access master page controls from the content pages.  Below are the  examples towards the same.


TextBox tb = (TextBox)Master.FindControl("txtMaster");
tb.Text = "Something";


ContentPlaceHolder mpContentPlaceHolder;
TextBox mpTextBox;
mpContentPlaceHolder = (ContentPlaceHolder)Master.FindControl("ContentPlaceHolder1");

if (mpContentPlaceHolder != null)
    mpTextBox = (TextBox)mpContentPlaceHolder.FindControl("TextBox1");
    if (mpTextBox != null)
        mpTextBox.Text = "TextBox found!";

Example 3:

// Gets a reference to a Label control that is not in a
// ContentPlaceHolder control
Label mpLabel = (Label)Master.FindControl("masterPageLabel");
if (mpLabel != null)
    Label1.Text = "Master page label = " + mpLabel.Text;

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