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Possible reasons why ASP.NET application could restart

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What are possible reasons why ASP.NET application could restart

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ASP.NET application could restart because really a lot of reasons. It probably happens more often than you think. ASP.NET web application will restart because of:

  1. Change in Web.Config file. Change of any parameter, adding of space character or even changing file's modified date will cause app restart.
  2. Change in machine.config, just like for web.config.
  3. Change in /bin folder. Application will restart if you add, update or delete any file in /bin folder.
  4. Change in App_Code folder. Adding, deleting or editing classes inside App_Code will cause application restart.
  5. Change in Global.asax file, like in web.config.
  6. Change in App_LocalResources folder
  7. Change in App_GlobalResources folder
  8. Change in App_WebReferences folder
  9. Change in Profile configuration
  10. Reached compilation limit, defined with numRecompilesBeforeAppRestart in machine.config file. Default value is 15. ASP.NET watches for any changes in files. When certain number (15 by default) of files is changed, web application is restarted automatically. The reason for this is to save memory on server. On some websites where files are generated dynamically, this could cause frequent restarts.
  11. Antivirus software changes file's modified date. Antivirus program scans files like Web.config or Global.asax. Some antivirus programs change Modified date of these files and that cause pretty frequent restarts, which decrease website performances.
  12. IIS restarts, and all websites will restart too.
  13. Change of physical path to web application
  14. IIS recycled website due to inactivity (20 minutes by default). If website has no visitors, IIS will unload it from memory to save resources. Application will be started again on when next visitor comes.

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