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Contrast between visibility:hidden, display:none and visibility:collapse

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What is the difference between "visibility:collapse" and "display:none" in CSS.

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Though you asked the difference between only visibility:collapse and display:none. I want to explain the contrast between visibility:hidden, display:none and visibility:collapse
  1. visibility:hidden hides the element, but it still takes up space in the layout.
  2. display:none removes the element completely from the document. It does not take up any space, even though the HTML for it is still in the source code. But still accessible through DOM
  3. visibility:collapse, when used in table elements, collapse removes a row or column, but it does not affect the table layout. Behaves exactly same as display:none.
    But when used for other elements, it renders as visibility:hidden. And also, most of the browsers do not support visibility:collapse. So be cautious while using visibility:collapse

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